New issue featuring American artist collective Red76. Come read on Ystadvägen 13. Preview at 7pm, Friday, October 15.

What links the prophetic and the political? What does the designation of a political "we" involve? These are among the questions American artist collective Red76 asks of motorists, cyclists, flaneurs and others passing by Ystadvägen 13 over the next three months. Using the seventh issue of the façade journal as a public forum of sorts, the collective encourages passers-by to contribute to an expanding archive of examples of text – historical as well as contemporary – that exemplify, illustrate or problematize the relationship between the prophetic and the political.

The contributions received will be catalogued on the project website and rotated as part of the physical façade journal on Ystadvägen 13 over the next quarter. Additionally, a light will illuminate the façade, but it will shine only by degree, increasing incrementally as contributions are received. From a diffuse light at the beginning of the quarter, we hope it will shine brighter and brighter over Dalaplan as winter, cold and darkness gradually descend upon the city.

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